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"We just wanted to again thank you for the wonderful job you did for us selling our condo in Northbrook. You made the entire process manageable in every way. We are so happy that we chose you as our realtor. We wish you lots of good luck for you, your career, your family and DOG.... We will most definitely sing your praises and try to send more business your way. Hope to talk to you sometime in the future."

S & M Lidskin

"The experience I had using Allyson as a realtor to sell my condominium was exceptional from beginning to end. She is extremely professional and thoroughly knowledgeable about all areas of her profession. She went above and beyond to help me sell my condo in a timely fashion and for the asking price. In fact, the condo sold the first day it went on the market. Allyson makes you feel like you're her only client, which is definitely not the case. She was easy to get ahold of and quickly responded to any questions or requests. I was anxious about selling my condo and she was able to put me at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her without reservation. She's AMAZING!"


"Allyson is an incredible professional! Very knowledgeable, responsive, courteous, smart, informed, well connected, and an excellent negotiator. Have worked with her for over 20 years, and has done a fabulous job selling our homes. The best of the best!!!!"

Bob (Highland Park, Illinois)

"Allyson, I feel that words are inadequate to express how grateful we are to have you on our side. We could not have done this with out you!

Thank you for your patience with all our questions. Thank you for making this process run smoothly and as stress-free as possible. Thank You for Wayne Fritz as well!"

Ivy and John

"You will always remain the quintessential real estate professional in my mind, and I will continue to recommend you to my friends and former neighbors in the Northbrook area.

Thanks again for all your work and patience. It's been a long road, and you certainly did earn your commission! Thank for your quick work that had my home under contract in under a month!"

Kathleen O’Connor

"Allyson did a fantastic job in preparing the book on our house."

Sandy Kaufman

"Allyson was a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable with great resources as recommendations. I definitely would use her again!"

Donna Teichman

"Allyson sold our home in 2 days and we got over the asking price. She is very strategic, knowledgeable, resourceful, reliable and honest broker you would ever want to work with."

Nancy LaCerra

"Allyson Hoffman is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, honest and diligent agents I have known. Whether you are selling or buying, from beginning to end, Allyson is with you every step of the way. Her scope and experience for over 30 years in Chicago's North Shore area allows you to feel confident that you are getting a true picture of the neighborhoods, and all they have to offer. If you are looking to win in the Real Estate marketplace, you will certainly want to have Allyson Hoffman as part of your team."

Tami Friedman

"Allyson was great to work with. Great results. I would work with her again."

Min Park & Yoon Kim

"Thank you for your professionalism and advice during the sale of our townhome. We both appreciated that a large part of this being a "painless" sale and closing is to your credit. Please extend our thanks to the rest of your staff, especially your administrative assistant -- your trust in her is well placed."

The Mossers

"In my practice of law over the last forty or so years, I have represented numerous buyers and sellers and dealt with almost as many real estate agents. I have just completed two rather difficult matters in which Allyson was involved and can only comment most favorably on her knowledge, efforts and willingness to do whatever and whenever necessary to get the job done. She is a credit to the profession and a role model for many would be agents. I will be Allyson's best reference!"

Mr. Becker, Attorney

"Naturally we thought of Allyson to sell our home since she did a tremendous job for us on a previous home.

Allyson's marketing tools were outstanding as was her customer service, sense of urgency, and attention to detail. She kept us informed every step of the way and managed a lot of the details of our negotiations while we were 5,000 miles away in the back country of Alaska. In short, she did a great job for us."

Best regards,

Scott Wilson

"Having listed my home at what I considered the worst time of year, just before the fall/winter holidays, I was astounded at the activity you generated!

I was very pleased with the sale price, and credit you with a very accurate market analysis to keep me realistic. Having listed my home at what I considered the worst time of year, just before the fall/winter holidays, I was astounded at the activity you generated. I was very pleased with the sale price, and credit you with a very accurate market analysis to keep me realistic. I have never experienced anyone who has done a more professional job at the same time showing the care and personal concern at a most stressful time. at a most stressful time."

Judy Smith

"Thank you for making the selling of my townhouse an easy and profitable one. I've just completed the move to my apartment...the last box has been emptied and the last repairs made! I sit here in awe as I look at this place wondering how the selling of my townhouse and the financial arrangements were all done in icredible short time. I owe this all to you, Allsyon! You quickly obeserved my frustration and confusion and erased my fears by taking over the insurmountable tasks. You were just what I needed! I had absoutely no knowledge of what to do to get the house ready for selling. You gave me valuable lists of "to-dos" and I followed them them religiously!

Thanks for taking the time to explain all the financial and legal expectations of the transaction. I do appreciate your competent and professional service.

Thanks also for taking the anxiety out of the closing by making it short and informal and giving me a chance to see your "capable assistant". The whole procedure was a class act.

Thanks for the lovely gift. I really needed new address lables and I enjoyed the goodies.

Now I want to thank you more than words can say for sending me the papers for the IRS! You are incredible!"

Millie Jourdain

"Allyson is an extremely hard-working, detail-oriented real estate agent. Not only did she do an excellent job on the sales side, but she was also excellent in helping me to find a new home. Her knowledge of the local markets, and her determination are both qualities that make her an indispensible talent.

Beyond that, she is an extremely friendly and caring person."

Chris Greene

"Dear Allyson,

Thank you and all of the people on your staff for the great effort you have put forth to complete the sale of our home. The professionalism exhibited by you and all of your staff was exceptional. The attention to details and the many helpful recommendations made by you were key in getting the sale price to the right level. It was a pleasure to work with all of you. We really appreciate that they were always timely and courteous when advising us of showings.

Particularly with the many phone calls and weekly updates that kept us advised of the current status. Your thorough knowledge of the market coupled with the sage advice in responding to various offers, negotiating the transaction, and concluding the sale were of the highest level.

I believe the sales brochure was a key element in making the sale so successful. The photographs and the layout, which were personally taken by you, were better than most professional magazine feature articles. It also showed as well on the website as it did in print

In regard to all the documents necessary for a transaction such as this to take place, I want you to know that both my lawyer and I saw that they were accurate and professional. It was a pleasure to work with you. Again, both Vickie and I thank you for all of the hard work and exceptional level of professionalism demonstrated during the entire process.

If you are ever in this area, we would be pleased to have you stop by. A summer evening cruise on the lake with wine and cheese is a delight."

John A. and Victoria J. Sershon

"This letter is to certify that you will be one of the five panelists selected to speak at this year's Chicagoland Kickoff Seminar to be held on November 16, 1999 at the Inland Meeting Center. Out of the possible hundreds of agents to be panelists, you have been selected based on your skill and ability to service your clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism found in the real estate industry. It is always great to see a Power Agent exemplify the ideals and the concepts of the Power Program. It is a privilege to work with you!"

Darryl Davis

"I would like to say what a wonderful experience I had selling my home, thanks to Allyson Hoffman at RE/MAX North in Northbrook, Illinois. Even though my home is small, Allyson gave me the kind of first-rate service and attention that one would expect from a multi-million dollar sale. Her professionalism, courtesy, and expertise were unmatched.

We needed to sell our home quickly because of an out-of-state move. Allyson gave us explicit directions on what we needed to do to prepare the house for showing as well as advice on an appropriate asking price. She then put our home on multiple real estate listings, created a website for us, posted a beautiful sign complete with take-away promotional literature, set up a broker’s open house, and advertised in local papers. From the day the house went on the market, we had a constant stream of showings. Not only were we pleased with the asking price, but we also received numerous compliments from the buyer’s brokers on how well our home was priced. This is thanks to the extensive research that Allyson and her office performed, even before our first face-to-face meeting, on area prices and market values. Her office also did a marvelous job of providing feedback to us by contacting potential buyers, after they’d seen the house, to ask for their comments. Despite all the people who said we’d never sell quickly because of the time of year (approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays), the economy, etc., we sold our house within TWO weeks!

After that, Allyson and members of her office personally walked me through the sale contract clauses, kept me updated with phone calls and copies of all correspondence from the buyers, and facilitated what was probably one of the smoothest – and fastest – closings on record! Even better, when we are someday ready to buy another in our new state, her office will still be able to help us!

I am so pleased with Allyson Hoffman and the wonderful people at RE/MAX North. I could not recommend an agent and an agency any higher."

K.L. Craft

"I am a sales manager, so I have high expectations when someone is selling something for me as important as real estate. We hired Allyson 4 times in a 2 year period. To find our dream home in Glenview, sell our primary residence, sell a speculative investment and sell vacant land. Her efforts were spectacular, especially in what was a down market. I don't think anybody could have done a better job of marketing our properties, THE most important thing in selling. My wife and I trusted her, liked her, would certainly use her again and recommend her highly without reservation."

Tim Collins

"As a professional executive search consultant in the healthcare arena, I'm paid to find exceptional talent for my clients. That said, I want you to know how much I appreciated your extraordinary level of service under conditions that can only be described as less than desirable. Under the best case scenario, whenever adult siblings have to sell the family home of their deceased parent, the process is like trying to walk through an emotional minefield ? blindfolded. You were called in to extract two siblings from that minefield, at night, without knowing what additional obstacles would show up.

Not only did you rise to the occasion to assess the volatility of the situation and map out a strategy to deal with the personalities involved, but you also presented the required options in a manner that conveyed an appropriate sense of urgency and secured cooperative commitment to complete the multiple tasks without creating additional drama and/or lost opportunities or time. The outcome produced a sale within six weeks of putting the property on the market; and that included two weeks of accommodating an asking price point set higher than you initially recommended. The amount of traffic generated by your marketing efforts can only be described as phenomenal, especially considering the quality of the houses serving as our competition in the immediate neighborhood market.

Throughout the multiple negotiations with prospective buyers', you not only kept us informed ? but you were absolutely straight with us regarding our expectations. I'm sure I caused an Excedrin headache or two along the way when I chose to walk away only to come back with a counter-offer after everyone else thought the deal was dead. What you helped us accomplish was a truly fair deal. The buyer paid more than they wanted and we received less than we wanted. However, at the end of the day, we all knew we each got the best deal for our individual circumstances.

Henry Kissinger couldn't have maneuvered a better outcome under similar conditions. After all, you not only had two adult siblings who weren't speaking to each other but lived under the same roof being sold; and two attorneys (one for each sibling) and an excessively-friendly, yellow Labrador who wanted to love every prospective buyer who walked through the home. In spite of all the red flags this situation presented, you took control and got the deal done ? in less than sixty days!

That's why I say Thank you for all the hard work and professionalism you demonstrated from the first time we met, to the final crossed "T" and dotted "I" on the closing documents. You are truly a PRO and earned World Class HERO in my book!"

Best regards,

Tom LeClair

"We are just so happy we sold the house and we are very thankful that we picked you as our agent. We will give you name to anybody who is looking for an agent. You are very professional, very knowledgeable and most importantly, you get the job done!"

Mar Moratilla

"Allyson was prompt, realistic and responded to every need immediately. She kept us informed and we trusted her judgement wholeheartedly. She put the wheels in motion ... didn't wait for something to happen. We will sing her praises to anyone who will listen. She made the entire experience of selling a home a very pleasant one. We really enjoyed working with her and her staff!"

The Kolbers

"I don't know how I can ever thank you for everything you have been for me - realtor, agent, psychiatrist, therapist... you've truly been the silver lining in what has otherwise been an awful experience.

Actually, once you took over the marketing of my property things did make a dramatic change for the better and you did deliver results quickly and efficiently. Despite the difficulties presented by various situations that cropped up, you always seemed to have just the right response or answer, and without your cool head or counsel, I doubt things would have gone as well as they did.

I think the closing experience was very traumatic for me as it evoked a lot of joyful and painful memories about the building of the house and the kids growing years there, and as a result I think I was truly over emotional today. Plus the fact that I felt as if the buyers doubted everything I said and were looking for every opportunity to get money didn't help matters. But I appreciate that you stepped in and took charge of a situation that might, in lesser hands, have deteriorated rapidly, instead of coming to a close.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for your services. I doubt I could quantify for a prospective seller/buyer all the services you provided and the caliber and quality of the services, but I would make the attempt.

I hope we manage to keep in touch (because I'm not going to need your services since I'm NEVER moving again) because I truly enjoyed talking with you and felt a certain connection with all our similarities.

Please do not hesitate to call on me."


"Our sincerest gratitude for all of your help, support & at one point, your shoulder to cry on. Buying our first house is situation unlike anything we've ever experienced ... a guide like yourself helped us to be more realistic & level-headed. We appreciated the fact that you were very "no-nonsense" & told us what we needed to hear, versus what we might have wanted to hear. Your experience & advice made a huge difference! You'll be the person we think of for our friends & relatives!"

Jennifer Eulberg

"I really appreciated the way that you worked with us when we were looking for a home in the Chicago area. We've been working with some other agents in this area for some other property and our time together provides a point of reference for working with you. Your process was both thorough and efficient -- and I know that you put a lot of effort in."

Keith Bennett, Transferee

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